Dancers of Minnesota

What is Dancers of Minnesota?

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Julie Xiong

Dancers of Minnesota is a community project designed to highlight dancers in the state of Minnesota and help fund Minnesota’s dance media site  100% of the revenue generated will go to fund the website and digital subscription costs of Minnesota Dance News.

The cornerstone of Dancers of Minnesota is the experience at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  Each experience is for one to four dancers and we will hang out and capture some of your favorite dance skills and will highlight your photos and story in a special Dancers of Minnesota Featured Dancer post.

Dancers will be able to select up to 20 images from their Dancers of Minnesota experience to appear in their feature and to keep…you will be able to share online and print as many copies as you like for personal use.  Studios, if you would like to use the images we have studio sponsored experiences available as well.

Each dancer will be highlighted on the Dancers of Minnesota website, and featured photos will appear on the @mndancenews social media channels.

In summary, Dancers of Minnesota is a collaboration site with two goals.

  • First to highlight the dancers that make Minnesota’s dance community one of the best in the country.
  • Second to help fund Minnesota Dance News and keep it funded.

100% of the proceeds from the session fee will go to fund Minnesota Dance News‘ mission, to provide a media source dedicated to telling the stories of the Minnesota dance community.

Want more information? Complete this application and we will start the process.  You are not obligated to complete the Dancers of Minnesota experience, it is simply a way to let us know you are interested in becoming the next Dancers of Minnesota featured dancer.

Matt Blewett
Creator of Minnesota Dance News & My Story Minnesota