Sophia Gallo – Growing through dance

Sophia Gallo - Photo by Matt Blewett

Meet Sophia Gallo, a middle school dancer with eyes on dancing in high school. Sophia has a great smile and is looking forward learning this next year as she dances with her studio, Dance Revue Studio of Dance. Look for her in the coming years dancing with her studio and dancing in the next few years with her high school. Thank you Sophia for your support of Minnesota Dance News.

When did you start dancing? What did you love in the early years of dance?

I started dancing in my living room to Disney movies at the age of two. My mom, shortly thereafter enrolled me in a dance class. I loved being able to express myself through movement when words wouldn’t allow me too.

How has you dance style progressed?

When I first started dancing I wanted to grow up and be the Barbie Nutcracker. Now I love contemporary and hip hop.

What do you love about dancing?

I love making new friendships every year and continuing to build on the ones that I’ve had for years. I love being able to go into a studio, put on a song and create something new and beautiful with a group of amazingly talented dancers that no one has ever seen before. I feel blessed to be able to have that ability.

Some challenges faced in your career

When I was 3 years old my brother was diagnosed with autism; he couldn’t speak, barely walk, and it was a very difficult time in our family. A few years later he was diagnosed with epilepsy and shortly there after my parents were divorced. My mom worked a full time job & a part time job, took care of all of my brothers therapies plus still encouraged my love of dance even though I had to take a break from the studio. She kept promising me that I would be able to go back and she kept that promise. I never wavered in my love of dance.

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A lesson learned from dance

If something truly makes your heart free and makes your soul soar, nothing can take it away.

Best piece of advice

You aren’t ready for competition. Take a year to do recreation and technique.


  • Ms. Dawn Ruzynski-the fearless leader of Dance Revue Studio of Dance. Thank you for welcoming me into your dance home with open arms and thank you for letting me volunteer during those snow days so I wasn’t driving my mom crazy.
  • Ms. Terri Lillard- You have taught me so much this year. I am a better dancer because of you. I promise to keep working hard and memorize my Ballet terms.
  • Ms. Alexa- Your guidance during hip hop class has been beyond words. Thank you so much for all that you do and for helping me.

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