Making the most of you Dancers of Minnesota experience

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According to Louis Pasteur, creator of pasteurization and the rabies vaccine, Chance (or luck) favors the prepared. I could not agree more, so here are a few things you can prepare so that you can get the most out of your Dancers of Minnesota experience. 

You probably have a wardrobe full of awesome costumes. How do you select the ones you would like to memorialize in your Dancers of Minnesota portrait?

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Choose the mood for your shoot. Do you want to highlight your acrobatic skills, or do you want to highlight the on-stage persona that makes your dance shine, or is it something else? 

If you want to highlight your acro/dance skills you might want to select a costume that does not distract – a single color one piece costume will put the focus on your skills.  If you goal is to highlight your sassy dance persona, you might want a flashier costume that adds to the feel of the photo.

Know  your stage. The costume you wear for this should complement the surroundings, most of the #dancersofmn experiences are made at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and have shades of green in the background. If you are in studio, what colors are the rooms/props? 

Make sure your wardrobe compliments your surroundings.  Use this article from B&H Photo Video to learn how to match colors – especially helpful is the second half of the article – the color wheel. 

We will go over accessories and makeup in an upcoming installment of the Dancers of Minnesota experience, but we want to end with this. Less is often more. You are the subject of the portrait, make sure your costume, colors and accessories don’t distract from you. 

Dancers of Minnesota is a project meant to increase visibility to Minnesota’s amazing dance community by funding Minnesota Dance News, a media platform dedicated to the dance community of Minnesota. 

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in Dancers of Minnesota this summer. We are blown away by the talent in the Twin Cities and can’t wait to schedule a Dancers of Minnesota portrait experience with you. 


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