Dancers of Minnesota: Niveah Vongphakdy

Rochester Mayo dancers Photo by @mattebphoto / #dancersofmn #mystorymn #mndancenews
Niveah Vongphakdy. Photo by @mattebphoto / #dancersofmn #mystorymn #mndancenews

About Niveah

Favorite color: Red

Beverage: Water

Musical artist: Tyler the Creator

Desired profession: Dermatologist

When and where did you start dancing?

Starting Dancing at JFK in 2016. I loved the people and it was fun to learn new things.

How has your style progressed?

I started in a hip hop class then after wanting to be on the high school dance team i moved into learning jazz and kick. My favorite style now is jazz.

What do you love about dance today?

I love competing and learning new skills and developing different skills.

What are 1-2 challenges you have sustained in your dance career?

At the big 9 conference in Jan 2018 i hurt my hip while preforming. It turned out to be a torn labral. After physical therapy for six months with no relief, I decided to have surgery to repair my hip in Dec 2018 followed by six months of rehab and physical therapy. I am looking forward to starting my first season back since that injury.

What is a lesson you learned from the challenge above?

Keep a positive attitude and never give up on things you love.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Don’t give up!

Photos by Matt Blewett of Matte B Media Productions and founder of Minnesota Dance News.


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