Dancers of Minnesota: Kaija Dahlberg

Kaija Dahlberg is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

About Kaija

Kaija Dahlber. Photo by @mattebphoto

Favorite color: Blue or Purple

Favorite show or movie: Grey’s Anatomy

Beverage: Coffee!

Musical artist: Dean Lewis and Ed Sheeran

Desired profession: Someday I want to go to medical school and be either a medical geneticist or a neonatologist!

When and where did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was 2 years old at Stage Door of Performing Arts and danced there until the studio closed when I was 9. I have since then danced for Northland School of Dance, Irondale Dance Team, and QC Dance which is where I have called my dance home for the past 3 years. As a kid I fell in love with dancing because it’s where I met my best friends, had the most fun, and got to be myself.

How has your style progressed?

I have always loved ballet and lyrical from when I first started dancing to now because of the all the details it entails and the emotion and vulnerability that goes into it. But as I have gotten older I have come to enjoy doing styles I used to hate, such as sassy jazz. While still not my favorite, I’ve become more open to trying styles I don’t usually like or do which is actually pretty fun.

Kaija Dahlberg is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

What do you love about dance today?

Today, I love the way dance has given me a unique way to express myself. When things are hard, dancing allows me to escape from what is going on and just be in my own little dance world. I also love the community dance has given me. My team is full of my best friends that I get the privilege of dancing with and growing with together.

What are 1-2 challenges you have sustained in your dance career?

A challenge I have always struggled with is confidence. I used to always wonder what other people thought of me as a dancer and that what they thought defined me. This kept me from trying new things or giving it my all because of that fear of other’s judgement and thoughts. I didn’t have confidence in myself which made it hard to push myself and follow my dreams.

Kaija Dahlberg is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

What is a lesson you learned from the challenge above?

Lately, I have been learning that no one else’s opinions or judgments matter. I shouldn’t let the fear of other’s thoughts keep from doing what I love. I have learned to try new things and that it is okay to fail as long as there are lessons learned. I am finding confidence in myself to do what I want to do and believe in myself. Of course I still have doubts sometimes, but I now know how to work through that and not think so much about what everyone else thinks.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was to just give it my all. As simple as that is, it sticks with me because you can’t except to improve or achieve your dreams without giving it everything you’ve got.

Kaija Dahlberg is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

Shout-outs & credits:

To my dance teachers Barb and Lissa, thank you for welcoming me with open arms and always believing in me. You two have always been there for me and taught me to be confident in my abilities and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

To my parents, thank you for always supporting me and pushing me to follow my dreams. I really appreciate everything you’ve given up for me. I love you.

Photos by Matt Blewett of Matte B Media Productions and founder of Minnesota Dance News.


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