Dancers of Minnesota: Autumn Pew

Autumn Pew is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

About Autumn

Autumn Pew. Photo by @mattebphoto

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite show or movie: Grey’s Anatomy

Beverage: Orange juice

Favorite game: UNO

Musical artist: Lewis Capaldi, Blake McGrath

Desired profession: I want to major in psychology at the University of Minnesota. My absolute dream is to be on the University of Minnesota dance team. When i’m older I want to continue to dance and teach classes and join Just For Kix camp staff.

Autumn Pew is a member of the Dancers of Minnesota. Photo by @mattebphoto #mnsportsnews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

When and where did you start dancing?

I started dancing at age 4. My parents enrolled me in dance as well as many other sports. I don’t think they though that dancing would be my passion and that I would end up pursuing a career in dance. I started competing in fourth grade which was a lot later than my friends. I found dance as a hobby when I was a kid, I just liked doing cool tricks and seeing my friends but it really became my passion when I got older around the time I joined my high school’s dance team.

How has your style progressed?

I loved to do jazz and musical theater when I was younger. I still love both of those styles today but I always had a fascination for lyrical, although at the time I was not old enough to dance lyrical. I performed my first lyrical dance when I was in 5th grade as a group dance. Then I loved it so much that, when I did my first solo in 7th grade, I did a lyrical solo!

I love lyrical because I feel so at peace when I hear the beautiful sounds and strings in the music and match my movement to the song. I love telling a story and expressing my passion for dance through a lyrical piece. Recently I’ve learned to love contemporary as I’ve trained in it more often and it has changed my overall movement as a dancer. I look back on a few years ago and it’s crazy how much my movement has improved! Now, I can incorporate contemporary movement into a feels lyrical piece!

Tori Beams, Kaija Dahlberg and Autumn Pew at their #dancersofmn experience. Photo by @mattebphoto

What do you love about dance today?

I love dance more than anything! There’s something about dancing that gives me an indescribable feeling.

I enjoy improve where I just let my body do what feels natural and let myself go. I love how supportive yet competitive the dance community is, it keeps me on my toes and gives me a challenge. I not only love dancing for what it is but I love who I’ve been able to meet through dance. Some of the most supportive people in my life I’ve met because of dance!

What are 1-2 challenges you have sustained in your dance career?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to face was my hip injuries. I had labral tears and hip impingement in both of my hips springing from the intense dance schedule I keep. I got a reconstructive surgery in July 2018 on my right hip to relieve pain. The most difficult part of the surgery was that I had to put my pursuit of dance on hold through the recovery. I was heartbroken and crushed I couldn’t dance with my team and had to sit out for what felt like forever.

What is a lesson you learned from the challenge above?

At the time, I could not see past my thoughts that my injury had set me back. Looking back on this experience, I learned so much about myself. I grew so much last year and, eventually, I was able to accept my struggles and losses and move on, learning. I learned to listen to my body and learn to find the positives through personal setbacks taht are a part of life. Looking back on it i’m extremely glad I decided to get the surgery. Not only is my hip healthy, I am pain free and I learned so much!! I also improved greatly… it’s crazy how healthy hips truly helped me transform my dancing!

Autumn Pew. Photo by @mattebphoto

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

You can’t always impress everyone.

I often catch myself wanting to impress others, wanting validation. I am trying to take this advice to heart, allowing myself to be okay with knowing I won’t always impress others. I’ve realized that when I focus on just myself whether or not others are watching, that I improve as a dancer and a person. As long as i’m happy with how I dance/who I am and the people closest to me are, that’s all that matters.

Shout-outs & credits:

First and foremost, my parents, for doing everything they can to support my dancing.

My dance teachers who have been by my side, helping me when I fail, encouraging my success and being amazing role models to me.

Lastly I’d like to thank my teammates for helping me when needed and being there for me!

I truly have the best people in my life!

Photos by Matt Blewett of Matte B Media Productions and founder of Minnesota Dance News.


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