Alyssa Baune: Learning, growing, expanding her knowledge of dance.


Alyssa was part of a fun group of dancers from Dancin’ on Broadway. She has a bright future and is looking forward to her next school year at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists.

When and where did you start dancing?

I’ve always loved dancing, I started dancing when I was 2 and now, I’m 14. I love it so much. I’ve been dancing at dancing on Broadway for 7 years, before that I was at energy dance center. I can see dance it my future.

How has your style progressed?

When I was younger, I love hip hop and jazz. The other styles didn’t appeal me until I got to dancing on Broadway and they opened a whole new way of seeing the other styles. Now I like all styles. I feel that jazz, musical theater and tap are one of my favorites now.

What do you love about dance today?

I love all of my friends and all of my teachers;

they push me to a whole new level that I didn’t know I could do.

What are 1-2 challenges you have sustained in your dance career?

Probably my biggest challenges are me seeing other people from my studio and feeling I’m not good enough.

What is one or two lessons learned from the challenge above?

I learned you always have more to improve on and one day I will be like them.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Keep reaching to be the best you.

Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

  • My mom- thanks for helping me and taking me to wherever dance takes me.
  • My dad- thanks for just being there and helping me.
  • All of my friends- I love you guys so much and thanks for everything.

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